Blog2005 ≫ Popex redesign

Was planning to have my redesign of popex live today, but there are 8 minutes to go before I leave, and it's not ready, had all sorts of computer issues today... do I hurl it live before five? I think that's the best way, pick up the pieces after the weekend... fingers crossed for me!

Looks like mushroom hunting tomorrow is off, because the weather's not been rainy enough, doh! I had a dream last night that even though we didn't go, I was out somewhere on my own and I found tonnes of them, so maybe I will... plan is now, a cheeky beer at The Coal Hole, then home to watch TV on my own. Clare is out with Jenny somewhere or other, so maybe I'll take this opportunity to watch loads of episodes of Lost.

Had a bit of a result with my new favourite band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah1, turns out the company on the top floor of this building do their press, so I can get a free copy of the album. Already got a promo copy, and it's ACES! Sort of Brett Anderson yelping over Belle and Sebastian to my cloth ears, though there's some MP3s to listen to on their website1... email me if you can't find them. And you know me and know what my email address is of course.

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