Why's it always Rik Waller?

FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Why's it always Rik Waller?

In Kent Children in Need - BBC appeal will be broadcast from Medway on Friday 18th November. The county will be awash with fund-raising events to collect cash for the BBC Children in Need appeal.

On Friday 18 November In Medway the Black Lion Leisure Centre in Mill Road, Gillingham, will be the focus of Children in Need fund-raising activities. Don' t miss the performance of "Be What You Want To Be" with Rik Waller & The Mighty Soul Band Live at 7pm. And the best thing of all is that the BBC has chosen to televise all events taking place at the leisure centre for national coverage. More....

Red Admiral Records who recently released Rik's album are donating 30% of sales of selected albums from their One Kent on-line record shop during November and December including the Rik Waller's Mighty Soul Band "Innocence" Album that contains the song "Be What You Want To Be".

A spokesman for the label and band said "We would have loved to have done more for the appeal but we did not know that the BBC was going to use Be What you Want To Be as their theme for 2005. When we found out, we contacted the organisation to freely offer the services of the band for the main TV show but we were too late"

"We are delighted to have been invited to the Black Lion Centre at Gillingham to perform the song for Kent and the BBC will be filming all money raising events taking place there. Rik Waller and the band are expected to play from 7pm. Rik has agreed to spend some time afterwards to sign autographs for donations to the appeal and to join in some of the fun and games, though we are going to have to pass on the Trampoline Challenge. We will also donate 30% of all sales of the album at the centre on the night."

"We have supplied all radio stations in the UK with copies of the new Rik Waller album so we can now issue a little challenge to all of them. - We will donate the whole proceeds of the royalties earned by Red Admiral Records from airplay of the song "Be What You Want To Be" for the whole of November and December to Children in Need."

So get on the phone and ask your favourite station to play it. "It's up to you".

Saturday 19th November An 8 hour Rock-A-Thon will be held in the Stour Centre Ashford from 3pm through till 11pm on to raise funds for the BBCs Children in Need Appeal. Many bands will be appearing.

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