Blog2010 ≫ How much everyone hated the finale of Lost

Or at least was apathetic towards it. Relatively poor viewing figures compared to actual groundbreaking TV shows:

An average 13.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the American airing of the 2.5-hour Lost finale, "The End", last Sunday. It was the highest-rated program that evening, but fell far short of matching the viewership numbers posted by the finales of such shows as MASH (well over 100 million), Seinfeld (76 million), Friends (52 million), and even ALF (21.7 million).

From lostpedia.wikia.com1. No I don't know why I'm still looking at that site, except that Clare is out and I am left in to entertain myself. Watching Dexter, Clare has tried to get in to series two, but failed. I'm struggling a bit to be honest.

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