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Got home yesterday to find scaffolding up past the (second floor) kitchen window, guess this means the roof and the damp problems are getting fixed...

In other news Madonna tickets go on sale today, there's a minor fix to Anapod released today, flatmate is off to Nashville for the weekend, and OH MY GOD, what is happening in 24? Is Jack being a treble (or is it quadruple) agent, or are Tony and the others really all bad?

Measured total data use: 4560 MB

Total allocated data use: 2500 MB

That can't be good... turns out the hosting company weren't reporting the full extent of bandwidth usage of this site, so if you see a heavily cut down version of the site from now on, that's why... no extra charges for this month, thanks to the good guys at UK Solutions, fingers crossed for next month. Why don't you go buy a heart shaped Le Creuset pan or this fabulous tow rope from Amazon that will earn me about 40p I think. They've certainly branched out from books haven't they.

Final update, poor nephew is in hospital with an eye infection, get well soon mate, and also last night I had a dream that I could run like Sonic the Hedgehog. Lunch will be a delicious "Seedy Sanchez Pot Noodle.

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