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Extra Doctor Who content according to a press release on Radio Times1... will we have to pay for this?

In addition to watching 13 new, gripping and exciting adventures - with David Tennant as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose - viewers will be given the opportunity to download 13 60-second mini-episodes via their mobile phones, or stream them on broadband as part of the BBC's TV Plus trials.

The Tardisodes, which are part of the BBC's trials exploring ways of broadening the output of leading brands, offer the audience an exclusive insight into what's going on in the Doctor Who universe that week.

These individual and unique downloads will be available on Saturdays after the main show has gone out.

They will include footage that won't be seen on TV, and back story about the characters and adventures coming up in the next episode...

Busy day today, well I have a lunch with some friends here in Farringdon, and then a dinner with some friends here in Farringdon again! I'm going to be quite exhausted by the time I get the vomit comet home again.

Happy third birthday Casino Avenue, one of my daily reads. Makes me feel bad that it's got real content and things, and mines just me-me-me. Only a bit bad though.

In lieu of genuine content here, read this about climate change2. There are some terrifying stats further back in the archives of that one too.

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