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That little bonus aside, not feeling particularly great today. Woke up with a WICKED pain in my left eye, like a headache that's bursting it's way through... it's subsiding now, but I strongly suspect Clare punched me in the eye during the night, because I was snoring so much. Man I hate snoring, if that's the case I more than deserve it. Maybe I'll get one of these snore detecting pillows2.

Now we are all finished with Lost, well the episodes we have anyway, we are back to catching up on our Amazon list... watched a couple of Angel episodes yesterday that weren't too bad at all! Each disk has been like this recently, two really bad episodes, and then two good ones. Going to rest Angel for a while, and catch up on West Wing and things, while waiting for someone to kindly supply is with USA issue episodes of Lost. We've seen up to the first two episodes of series two, and I don't think I'll be spoiling anything if I say it still makes no sense at all. Still good though, hang on in there!

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