Blog2008 ≫ Happy April Fool's

Just seen a brilliant feature on BBC Breakfast on a newly discovered type of penguin, that can fly. Can't find it on their website, but they had video on the TV and they've apparently roped in David Attenborough, I hope they put the footage online later.

I hope that was this year's best april fool, and not yesterday's pay rise.

I've still not written up the weekend have I? The usual round of pubs and restaurants really, I might break it up into bits and scatter it about. Going out this week too, on a school night, this never happens. Got a "work outing" to Kalala on Thursday.

UPDATE: It's on youtube, but fronted by my friend Terry Jones1.

According to the popbitch board someone at the beeb emailed this to everyone at the beeb:

This email is going to everyone Dear All, Thought you might be interested in this. Do forward to your friends. All the best, Txx Dxxxx & Axxxxx Hxxxxxxxx"

Kind of un-virals what I think was originally a good video. I guess someone in charge of it was worried about the amount of money spent on it per eyeball it actually got on the morning or april fools day or something.

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