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Looking forward to this, the first in a new series "The curse of comedy", it'll be a drama mockumentary type thing about the relationship between Wilfrid Brambell1 and Harry H Corbett2.

Starring Jason Isaacs (The State Within) as Harry H Corbett2 and Phil Davis (Five Days) as Wilfrid Brambell1, The Curse of Steptoe uncovers an unexpected and incredible tale of life imitating art.

The sitcom told the story of two rag-and-bone men trapped together for all eternity. But out of the public eye an even stranger story was playing out, of two men yoked together unable to escape their inner complexities or each other.

How their personal problems helped the show achieve success is one of the most revealing stories from the annals of BBC light entertainment history.

I suppose those TV shows in brackets explaining what other people have been in are other BBC4 shows, but you might know Isaacs better from Harry Potter and Davis from Quadrophenia...

The rest of the series has more gems, including Ken Stott3 playing Hancock4, and David Walliams5 as Frankie Howerd6.

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