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Cheers Stu1 for pointing out Justin has blogged about the Eurovision thing on his myspace. Are people still doing myspace then? I must admit my facebook network2 hasn't really bloomed like it might have done, that's what only adding people you really know as "friends" though. Or at least people you have actually met, once. The internet is a lonely place. Anyway, here's what Justin had to say. I've met him you know, I'm sure I have.

I left Vancouver to follow my eurovision dream, but was outclassed ultimately by the magical Scooch on March 17th 2007. My 32nd birthday. The United Kingdom must be either racist or stupid not to have voted for Big Brovas or Beverlei Brown (she looked and sounded FANTASTIC). It's like when multi-award winning, multi-million selling Lemar lost to David "3 stars at Burger King" Sneddon in Fame Academy all those years ago. Nothing ever changes. That fella off Doctor Who that looks like a fat Tom Cruise was offering expert analysis on the entrants, and encouraged the voting public to send Scooch to Eurovision. He then had the nerve to come into my dressing room and "act" surprised by the result. I don't know who he is or why he thought I'd be interested in his commiserations. I certainly don't understand how he got an acting job. I thought I could see his nose growing when he said he couldn't believe the sing-off wasn't between us and Big Brovas... The whole thing whiffed of a stitch-up, particularly when you consider that our supporters had their banners confiscated by security, whilst Scooch fans were filmed proudly waving theirs. When Big Brovas were eliminated, my heart sank and I thought, "The dream is over." I was right. Despite the disappointment however, I must confess that after seeing the Scooch performance a couple of times, it clicked. And I realised that actually, that is what Eurovision is all about.

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