PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Some REVIEWS

Some stuff, that has been sent in recently.

South - Paint The Silence (single)

Starting off a bit like Doves, yeah yeah, then a bit of Beta Band creeps in, then before you realise it, we have the Stone Roses! They're not copyists or anything, but this title track has a massive loopy, dopey, drummy outro, that is very reminiscent of the Roses at their best. With a singer.

There's a "Jagz Kooner Remix" of "Broken Head" on this single too, which is fantastic - long and noodling and head shaking and utterly, utterly stoned.

Single of the year so far, without a doubt, they will be added to popEx ASAP. See them live at Kings College on the 14th of March...

Green and Yellow TV - As Performed By The Green And Yellow TV (album)

Very Beatles, very very Beatles, it is Penny Lane, and an upbeat Strawberry Fields. Thus is clearly A GOOD THING, but listening to a whole album in a row is a bit of a sugar overdose. There's a whole bundle of Beach Boys influence in there too, and the band also list their influences as The Who, Fleetwood Mac, The zombies, Led Zeppelin, and REM...

John Peel likes them enough to have played their track "The Big Red Machine" on his show. It's good, but it's all too cheerful for me.

Have a listen to them at their site: http://www.thegreenandyellowtv.com

Grand Theft Audio - We Luv You (single)

This has a strange feel to it, like a fat cat producers idea of what the UK answer to American Nu-Metal would sound like... sounds exactly like the sum of it's component parts (Wildhearts, 3 Colours Red, EMF), no more, no less, make of that what you will.

Also, while I'm ranting, tracks that have an intro that only plays in one channel of your headphones, before kicking in to both, really fucks up my balance... DON'T DO IT!

They are building up a fanbase in the US of States right now, playing a radio tour, but should be back here next month to play live, and possibly fight with members of Grand Theft Auto.

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