Blog2004 ≫ Monkey Caravans

"That show you wanted to watch is on, what's it called, Monkey Caravans?"

So, I found Guerilla Homes at last, it's on BBC 3, no wonder I couldn't find it in the schedules... quite an interesting show, it's not all about tramps living in shanty towns under bridges, it's more artists building wacky pads out of containers that they don't actually have to live in so far. It's on again every night this week, 8pm.

Foolishly ignored a note from the flatmate, saying she'd seen a spider the size of her hand in the flat. It reared it's eight ugly heads (they do have eight heads too don't they?) last night, it was too big to be trapped under a glass, so it went up the hoover. Not very vegan of me.

💬 1936

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