Spill Your Television

Spill Your Television

Got sent a TV advert, on a CD today, and apparently it's groundbreaking.

It's a new ad for Miller Genuine Draft, featuring the Fun Lovin' Criminals, which makes history (it says here), they're the first company to sign a band to appear in a beer commercial.

Here's the plot: The band are sat in the back of a pick up truck, stuck in a traffic jam in down town New York. Huey decides it's "Miller Time", and they play a gig on the back of the truck.

Send me actual beer, and I will try to sound more excited.

No I wasn't really posting messages at this time, this story was EMBARGOED until 1st of December for some reason, so I wrote a THING that would post it for me.

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Fri Dec 01 2000

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