Blog2018 ≫ Great food festival in Canterbury today

Despite the drizzle, the food festival in Canterbury was great today. We all had our lunch there from four different stalls, indeed four different countries. I had some Korean spiced cauliflower and dirty cashew cheese fries, Clare went for a wrap from a Greek stall, Thing One had Japanese yakitori skewers, and Thing two went German. Well, a plain burger from the German sausage stall anyway. I got some spectacular cider (man) from three different stalls too, which made for a very relaxed shop after this. We tried to get thing one some new clothes for his forthcoming residential school trip, but he was not interested.

Clare is out on the razzle dazzle tonight, I am a bit too tired to get through some of the TV I have been saving. So going to finish this cider and fall asleep with my book. I have got back ito Paul Theroux's Pillars Of Hercules, I'm loving anything travel related at the moment.

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