Blog2004 ≫ Action Plan

Pleased to report that the band were ace last night, and so is the venue. Can't believe we've not been to The Eye before, I suppose because it doesn't look like it'll be much from the outside, but inside there's a huge doglegged space with a couple of bars, pool table, table football, stage area, sofas, everything... no real ales on though.

The Action Plan are good, younger viewers will draw comparisons to early Manic Street Preachers and Muse, the Dads standing at the back (man was that how I felt) will pick up some Wedding Present in Niall's guitar and occasionally some Ian McCulloch in his voice. Definitely seeing them again. They're local so maybe it will be at The Eye again.

Clear some space for their amphetamine-epileptic off stage excursions.

Caught up with the flatmate who had stopped to assist some fellow who was possibly having a heart attack, on the way to the venue. We were on the way to the venue, not the chap with the dicky ticker. At first I thought he was making an improper suggestion from his prone position, but no, he was trying to say he had acute angina. Luckily there was a first aider also passing, and an ambulance arrived soon enough. Also saw one of the bendy busses wedged into Stoke Newington High Street on the way home. They're too big man.

Grand Designs Abroad on tonight, "The Lot, France". Thanks

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