Blog2010 ≫ Should I buy these?

Chucking these purchasing decisions out to the twittersphere etc...

Should I get this infrared repeater1 so I can hide my DVD player etc in the cupboard? Or is there a better one? And what about thiswireless weather station2? I would quite like one, not sure how much I would use it, but if I did buy it is it easy enough to fiddle with the software, have it update a website etc?

Hmm found the IR repeater on amazon too3, reviews suggest that is a big fat NO!

What is my solution then? I have a plasma TV, that is likely to interfere I think... Possibly that was the issue for most of the purchasers above.

UPDATE: Looks like this is the place to start4, though I would appreciate any specific advice. Thanks to @hpoom so far.

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