Blog2011 ≫ Want to buy an XBMC

Original xbox, for XBMC1 99p (so far).

(This is mine, this is not just me linking off to try and earn a commission).

UPDATE: I have been told off by ebay and my listing pulled. I have to relist it making clear that there's no bootleg software on there or anything to assist with copying games. I've never copied games with it, though I have used it to watch recorded TV, maybe that is the issue. Bit annoying, I only listed it with the details of XBMC because I saw listings like this2 with the same software, including emulators. So what's the difference with mine?

xbmc: XBox Media Centre, some software that would run on an old X-box or other computer hardware to play movies + music etc. I used to talk about this a lot...

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