Blog2010 ≫ Went to The Fountain for Jim's birthday

There was a punch-up, though I did not see it myself

The Fountain is our local pub now, though have not been in there since we moved house. It's not bad, big, with lots of facilities, including pool table, dart board, real ale, and TV's showing sports via some strange foreign channel. We all played darts, Clare and I did embarrassingly badly really, I blame the booze.

I left the pub before everyone else to relieve our babysitter... and missed a fight! A nice welcome to our new local! Probably not actually a big fight, just a bit of a row, something do with the football, and nothing to do with any of us. Not enough to put anyone off going back to the pub.

Everyone came back to ours after for another drink, and a dial-a-kebab, classy!

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