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Woo, there's a Comic Strip box set on the way, all THIRTY NINE comic strips! Doesn't specifically mention Mr Jolly Lives Next Door, but I'm guessing it's there... Who would have thought there were so many? Not all of them are great, but there's enough stuff there to make it worth 40 quid of anyone's money...

Episodes are: Five Go Mad In Dorset (1982), War (1983), The Beat Generation (1983), Bad News Tour (1983), Summer School (1983), Five Go Mad On Mescalin (1983), Dirty Movie (1984), Susie (1984), A Fistful Of Travellers Cheques (1984), Gino - Full Story and Pics (1984), Eddie Monsoon - A Life? (1984), Slags (1984), The Bullshitters (1984), The Supergrass (1984), Consuela (1986), Private Enterprise (1986), The Strike (1988), More Bad News (1988), Mr Jolly Lives Next Door (1988), The Yob (1988), Didn't You Kill My Brother? (1988), Funseekers (1988), South Atlantic Raiders (1990), South Atlantic Raiders Part II (1990), GLC (1990), Oxford (1990), Spaghetti Hoops (1990), Les Dogs (1990) 29. Red Nose Of Courage (1992), The Crying Game (1992), Wild Turkey (1992), Detectives On The Edge Of A (1993), Space Virgins From Planet Sex (1993), Queen Of The Wild Frontier (1993), Gregory - Diary of a Nutcase (1993), Demonella (1993), Jealousy (1993), Four Men In a Car (1998), and Four Men In a Plane (2000)...

💬 Richard Herring

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Tue May 17 2005

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