Blog2008 ≫ Terry Pratchett's Nation limited edition.

I've got one of these1 a [abe=terry pratchett nation]Nation special edition[/abe], I think. Dad queued from early this morning to secure one of these, and got it signed, good work!

Had a great day in London where we also saw Terry Pratchett, he helicoptered between Hayling Island (where Dad saw him) and Waterstones where we did. We did not queue up for a book though, I think all the special editions were gone, can't believe there were only 275 of them, pretty cool.

We spent our day in Pizza Express and Pain Quotidient, and fed squirrels in the park and saw the filming of some TV ad (got some video of it that I might be able to post up) someone was rolling an enormous eye around a London square. Also saw a huge protest outside the Scientology shop which was cool.

Got an early train back from London, despite our best plans to have a curry in the Punjab we were too full with pizza still. A load of noisy Dover football fans joined our train singing, one with a drum too. Luckily they all congregated on another carriage.

A nice evening in tonight, Clare is just making tea and we're drinking Cava with fresh raspberries and watching Masterchef and Jonathan Creek.

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