PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Travis and Kings of Leon

Carling Carling Carling Carlign Carling.

As a nice last minute surprise, I went to Alexandra Palace last night to see Kings of Leon and Travis. Fantastic looking building isn't it? And a great view over London. Not my ideal size of room to see bands in though, and while it's great for CarlingLive.com to be supporting music by sponsoring absolutely everything going, I'm not so pleased there were only two choices at the bar: drink our lager or BUGGER OFF! There wasn't any bitter, or even any cider1!

So, while Kings of Leon and their southern fried blues were ace, much better live than I'd been led to believe, we didn't stick around for Travis, we went off to pubs instead. Does that sound ungrateful? Ah well. Apparently Travis were VERY GOOD INDEED and also Avid Merrion was there (just read this on the message board on travisonline.com while I was searching for bits to steal for a now abandoned fake review), and someone off Fame Academy, but the closest we got to celebrity was seeing someone from Red Dwarf on the bus2... seeing the band at Ally Pally was much like trying to do that Mini Pops quiz that's been doing the rounds3. The sound was good though.

Now, seeing MJ Hibbett at Brixton Windmill tonight4, then Damon Albarn in Notting Hill tomorrow, then that's it gig-wise for the year I think... happy christmas all!

💬 Travis

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