Blog2006 ≫ Things I have yet to achieve

Bah, was far too confident about how well things are going yesterday, I completely forgot our central heating is a mess at home. We have heat, and we have water, but we have no control about when it comes on or off, so I'm constantly in fear of humungous bills, or waking up and the water not being hot enough. I do want a clever heating system that I can somehow connect up to the internets, but I will try not to let this fascination delay me actually getting anything done... This is number one priority (getting it fixed, not getting it on the internets), and then while I'm looking for problems I realise we have no TV arial, and I need to get a man in. You may recall we had no joy with getting people round the house to fit service type things in '05, will '06 be different?

Ooh yeah, forty minute delay getting home yesterday, a broken down train in Tonbridge. Bastards.

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