Blog2008 ≫ Only light rain at Glastonbury

Some rain overnight and a little more on the way at the festival, it says here in the Times, it's hardly news at all really is it. Watched Glastonbury the movie on TV last night, partly it made me really wish I was there, but when I analysed it I found most of the people who'd been there over the last thirty or so years really annoying. The people who were too new age are obviously annoying, but the people who were too "straight" who were there annoyed me too. The distance between the artists and the crowd is too great, and being in a crowd that big standing up facing the stage is not the funnest thing either. There is some magic that falls between the gaps of all these crap things though, all the hanging around with friends by the cider bus and the Wise Crone cafe and the comedy tent are just ace. Just had a few spots of rain here, can't decide if I wish I was there or not.

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