Taking a POP at a, uh, LADY

Taking a POP at a, uh, LADY

In the blue corner we have PopBitch, and in the red corner we have annoying DJ Jo Whiley - Da 'Bitch have DRAWN a line in the sand after Ms Whiley has been treating the name "popbitch" WITHOUT DUE RESPECT.

Whiley claims to have invented the name "popbitch", and has been running a "celebrity gossip" feature on her show under this name - sound familiar?

In a letter sent to the BBC today, PopBitch say: "...We were therefore hugely upset... to hear that you had decided to not only use our name, but use it for pop gossip - which is exactly what we are known for. "

"If you had approached us to help contribute stories or scripts for your show, and in return give us proper credit, then we'd definitely have been interested"

"But we will not allow you to steal our name"

Never mind "sorting it out without unpleasantness, LET'S SEE SOME UNPLEASANTNESS!!!



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Fri Jan 12 2001

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