Blog ≫ 2005 ≫ Friday night is TV night

Well, a bit, Rock School with Gene Simmons starts tonight, and so does a new series of QI1. Up early (well earlyish) to drive to Fareham to visit the folks for the weekend, so not going out tonight.

Have slept quite well on the train on the way in every day this week, very strange. Did 10,500 steps in the end yesterday, according to the paedo-meter.

Been doing some MASSIVE updating of my message board code here (see the little character countdown there when you post a reply?) trying to get it to run more efficiently, or at least faster... been making it do less lookups, less file io things like that, thinking that was the sticking point, but NO! A sneaky change to the SQL is the key. Got to remember to make the SQL as clean as possible, don't be slack and have "get everything from everything" all over the place...

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