Blog2009 ≫ Madchester Reunited FAIL

Now Squire has absolutely denied it on TV

Ah well John Squire seems to definitively put those Stone Roses reunion rumours to rest, here on Newsnight. Just in case the image on his website1 wasn't clear enough. Reckon it was all his choice though? Maybe he found out Ian Brown was not up for it and has tried to get his denial in first...

At least this leaves the way open for The Smiths reunion though, the 'Roses would have completely stolen their thunder. Blur must be quite relieved too.

Annoyed with the Daily Mirror. Not that it's a paper I would ever buy, but perhaps by jumping the gun and printing that made up story they've forced the people involved to say "absolutely no, never, ever". This delays a chance of a reunion tour for a good few more years.

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