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Aha, from spotting in the Popdex listings I know now why people were searching for quiznos rat pictures the other day, it's some sort of TV campaign, by Joel Veitch of b3ta.com2 and rathergood.com3 fame. That boy must be doing well for himself. I went to Quizno's on the way back from Las Vegas, and enjoyed it very much it was the most vegan friendly place I found out there.

Odd that lots of people are saying these little animated fellers are called "sponge monkeys", I'm sure the only thing I saw on b3ta.com2 said they were called "spong monkeys", I assume "spong" being part spaz and part mong, but I don't know ...

Hello to the peple reading the RSS feed of this, I will sort it so it doesn't appear to have updated when it hasn't...

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