Blog2011 ≫ Not really worth getting up for the rugby this morning

Clare is particularly grumpy about the two bad results, as she predicted them exactly. So now we have to support Wales against France, if we even watch the next game at all. Clare was up at 6am-ish for the Ireland game, and I just about dragged myself out of bed for the England game. Really liking our new bed, the mattress seems to pull you down on to it, without being too soft. Clever stuff.

Now Clare's gone out shopping, leaving the boy and I here with no car and not a great day for walking. We might get the bus somewhere. I have strict instructions not to just watch TV all day... speaking of which though the new TV1 is ordered now so looking forward to that turning up. Annoyingly I got a promo code for the company that I bought it from that would have given me 6% off if I bought it today. I would not have been sent the voucher if I'd not bought the TV yesterday though.

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