Blog2005 ≫ mushrooms?! TUT

do they take you to a higher level of consciousness?

anyway, how good are the album releases next1 week? cant stop listening to dont phunk with my heart - that's a bad tune.

my main news is that after 92 hours of viewing i have FINALLY finished watching the West Wing. All 6 seasons and all i can say is i feel pretty empty. I thank the Lord that the cliff hanger for end of season 6 wasnt too bad compared to previous seasons - it was actually quite weird - almost not cliffhanger-esque and more end of chapter. although it cant be the end cos they're doing another season, albeit with a cut down budget so apparently there's going to be large scale culls. will be martin sheen's last season of course - im guessing he costs a lot.


💬 They're good old fashioned eating mushrooms

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