Blog2010 ≫ Not only did I watch a film

I read a book, The Collaborators

I read a book too, The Collaborators1, a novel set in wartime Paris. Probably not the kind of story I would normally pick up but it's by Reginald Hill whose other books are ace. And this one was ace too! Not actually that many laughs, it seems occupied France was not all that much like in Allo Allo. So, fairly heavy subject matter but a really good book. Having seen the death of a major character thrown away on the back cover of the book I was not expecting any element of who-done-it, nor even any twists in what actually happens, this must surely be just about the character development and inevitable depressing conclusion, but AHA, no there is more to it. Right at the end, cuh, who'd have thought...

Reginald Hill writes Dalziel and Pascoe, an ace series of books with more depth than you might think from the TV series. Though I like the TV series too. There's not much negative, or indeed objective in this review really is there? For balance then, let me say that after reading this book I am not that keen on the Nazis, nor of the French who joined in oppressing their own. A controversial view, but there, I've said it.

Another one off that I thoroughly recommend is The Stranger House1, one of my favourites. Not sure why neither this or The Collaborators1 have been filmed. There is something to look forward to.

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