Blog2008 ≫ Bonekickers

Did you see Bonekickers on TV last night? I will watch some crap, but even I had to turn it off, it was so bad! I am still tempted to catch up on what I turned off on iplayer later, just to reassure myself that it was just about the worst thing ever. It was like Time Team, but acted cheesily and OTT like Torchwood, with a big old chunk of the Da Vinci Code in it, but it was so amazingly unsubtle, we were calling scenes several in advance. The story blunders into itself that I can't say much about it that doesn't give away everything that we saw, but I'll try. Some archaeologists are at a dig near Bath, when they find a 2000 year cross beam impregnated with mysterious death healing blood and traces of nails that have probably been driven through say someone's hands and feet. Oh I give up.

All the points of reference the show has are things that I quite like, but this is rotten.

And it's got mad Joe from Eastenders in it, and he's mad again. Has he done anything else between these twin roles?

UPDATE: I watched it to the end on iplayer, it was still rubbish, moved far too quickly and tried to squeeze in too much Indiana Jones.

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