Blog2018 ≫ Enjoying Daredevil

Watching Daredevil on Netflix. Isn't Netflix amazing?

I've come back to Daredevil because I enjoyed Jessica Jones, and I thought they were connected, was Jessica Jones a spin off from Daredevil? They are both set in Hell's Kitchen region of New York. Turns out it is not, but they do become come together again in another series called Defenders. Maybe I'm just powering through both of these series so I can watch Defenders, that does look good. Just got to wait for Clare to watch Jessica Jones and hopefully get into it. If she does not it will take me twice as long.

Daredevil is not a comic I was ever into, it's not the sort of thing that appealed, but either the way the TV show is made really does something to it, or I was wrong all along. I think it is probably that it is "post Buffy"; every geek TV show learned something from Buffy and the world is better for it.

Also watched Montalbano this evening, it was an odd one. It combines two of the stories I read recently in the Montalbano short story compilation into one episode. So all new TV, but completely spoiled storyline for me. The only saving grace is that the stories really are short, so they can't fill an episode, so there has to be a bundle of new content added. In this one there is a side plot about hacking social media, very modern.

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