Blog2008 ≫ happy new year!

Originally posted at just after midnight, what service I offer eh? We were in at this time, we decided to take a year off from all the NYE shenanigans this year, and have a quiet one in watching the TV. How odd that BBC seem to have done exactly the same thing - I thought there might be some quite good stuff leading up to midnight, but no, it was rubbish.

I could easily have missed the bongs themselves, we are back watching 24 again, and if we'd had more episodes queued up, I'd have sailed right past midnight. Saw the fireworks on the TV though, and some out of the window. The London ones did look impressive from here, though the brother in law we spoke to who was there said it was harder to appreciate from where he was on the ground.

Happy New Year to you all, hope it's a good one.

💬 Happy new year Pauly!


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