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Guy came, and can't fit an aerial. He was very helpful and has had a good look round, up in the loft and everything, but he says the only place we can get access to put an aerial might not give us a better picture than we're getting now, so it's not worth it. It'd be a gamble putting it int he loft, might give a good pciture and might not, but he wouldn't be able to run a cable down from the loft to us, it's too awkward anyway.

What we can have, and they can do it in the next few days, is Sky Freesat1 - 150 quid for the dish, 100 quid to fit, access to a few more channels than freeview, and no more to pay. They will fit us up for Sky+ for 360, but I don't think we want an extra subscription amount, we won't have time to watch it all. So Free Sat it is then!

Tellies are COMPLICATED! For example, they have this one2 in Curry's, the website says at 1500 quid though I think it might be less, Currys website will sell it direct at 1200 and John Lewis also has it at 1500, on it's website. Currys do say it's not wall mountable, but several sites, supply it with a wall bracket... John Lewis is more expensive for most, they will price match, but it's hard finding likely comparisons. They do offer a handy five year guarantee on all tellies, and we could use wedding gift vouchers to buy it, so it's looking like the right place. I think.

There's quite a difference in prices too. Anyway, that's LCD and I think we want a plasma anyway, but just trying to compare like with like... So far I've know we want HDTV Ready, higher resolution numbers are better, and a higher contrast ratio is better, though everyone lies about their contrast ratio anyway. Wikipedia told me that, it's been pretty handy...

Any advice in the next 24 hours gratefully received.

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