Blog2007 ≫ "Only" three more series of Lost after this one

I'm still really into it, but don't entirely believe anything the producers of Lost say so will see how this report from Yahoo1 pans out. Apparently there will only be three more short series of sixteen episodes each of Lost after this one.

Really enjoying recent episodes, but the last one23 had the most religious overtones of all of them (lookout, that's the latest US episode "The Brig" which you might not have seen). The losties do seem to have been split into "good" people and "bad" people for a while, and Locke wondering off carrying his burden seemed particularly symbolic, but I really really really hope it doesn't end in a Stephen King stylee "ah, see, god did it all".

UPDATE: someone's take, on the popbitch forum4:

After mucho rucks and legal posturing, ABC and the producers of 'Lost' have finally agreed to an additional 48 episodes of the show - three, shortened 16-episode seasons, ending in 2009-10. So much, so corn. What isn't perhaps quite so well-known is that there have been a number of rather bitter battles between the network and the Lost Folk for two years about how the fucking thing is supposed to end - more to the point, perhaps, can it end without looking completely ridiculous? Ever since JJ Abrams buggered off to Warners last year, remaining showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been looking for a way out, on the basis that a) they have enough money and b) no-one knows how to finish the thing and they'd quite like not to have to be there when it fizzles out and everyone goes 'what the fuck?' ABC, for some curious reason, weren't keen for the only people who had any idea of what was going on with its biggest hit franchise to take early retirement, and there may well be some truth in the rumours that Lindelof and Cuse have had to draw up a selection of 'this is what could happen' scenarios for the network chiefs to choose from. Tempers were getting badly frayed all round - not helped by the showrunners talking out loud about their desire to get the fuck out of Dodge, and with the terrible two not willing to go to the further three years that the network wanted and an impasse looming, agreement has only been reached by having two years worth of episodes spun out to three seasons. So, we now have some kind of (presumably) half-assed 'solution' to what happens, which makes the ABC suits happy - although it is unlikely to placate the fans - and we're going to be treated to another three (short) seasons of the thing, although whether anyone's still watching by then is another question.

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