Blog2009 ≫ Trying to listen to @Herring1967 and @CollingsA on 6Music

Damn our bad digital reception here...

Can normally listen to 6Music on the TV, but reception is no good here if anyone is behind the TV moving about, and Clare and the midwife have been. Not crouching behind the TV in the corner the room, but in the room that is behind the room where the TV is positioned. It's not a secret room or anything, it's just that the TV is up against the wall that is in the middle of the flat. Got it? Right, so can't listen through the TV as reception keeps going, so trying to tune in online. Their podcast is fantastically sweary and they speak about little other than bumming and Hitler, so wondering how they're managing. Can't actually find out yet as waiting for realplayer to download and install and so on. Can see them on a webcam1 though which is a new experience, not very interesting without the audio though.

Track down their podcast through the usual channels

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