Blog2011 ≫ Lovely weekend

Mum and Dad visiting, so we went to Canterbury and had a great lunch on them in Prezzo. So nice to all sit round the table together, now that the boy can eat proper food and sit up with us. Even the kids meal was far too much food for him, but we got the leftovers to takeaway so he had the same for his tea. A cold day, so not so nice to hang around really. did a bit of shopping, but not much.

Went to the park and the canal to feed the ducks, did not see another otter. Did not stay long, way too cold.

A nice evening, stayed up a bit too late really. Watched a bit of the Superbowl, strange watching that after having seen some good rugby over the weekend. Good TV otherwise, lots of Coach Trip, though More4 seem to have canned the series we were watching and have started another one. Watched another Forbrydelsen the Danish crime drama, it's really good, still got one more queued up to watch. Watched Highlander again in the week, with Clare, she thought it was rubbish and it is really. Probably won't watch it again for another ten years.

In London again today, very busy, too busy to write much recently. All is good though.

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