Blog2009 ≫ Large dining table this time

As that last Habitat Radius dining table went for over 400 quid in the end, and it was the small version, I expect this large Habitat Radius dining table to do well. It's in London too, not sure if that makes a difference. The last one was in Brighton, I suspect these things sell for different prices second hand in different areas. I should do some graphs, that would be fascinating... OK maybe not. this wardrobe might be a good case in point though, will it go for significantly less because it's in the midlands? We just paid over four hundred for one of these. Ah, they've updated it, it has some damage, ours does not. Still, keep an eye on it and feel free to bid, we have two of these now and will never have room for more1... The way we're getting a three bedroom place is by buying a place that's been converted from a two bedder2, so often the master suite is up in the roof and has sloping ceilings, so we might have to think carefully about our furniture. Also now we have settled on Wincheap3 I have more or less written off the idea of being able to reassemble the pool table any time soon. UNLESS I go for one of these at the end of the garden4! The idea came to me yesterday. This one might be a squeeze, depending on the internal measurements... it really could be a goer!

Up quite early today, was planning getting some computer time in before Clare made me get on with the shopping and the housework, but now I have wasted most of that dreaming about log cabins.

Somehow hurt my knee last night, it was fine when I was loafing on on the sofa watching A Touch Of Frost (had seen it, must have seen a lot more of those than we think) but by the time I got to bed it was hurting, strange.

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