Blog2008 ≫ A new dawn, a new hope, a new America, etc

A shift away from Conservatism, it's Obama what won it. The number of seats makes it look like a proper drubbing, Barack Obama winning two for each one that John McCain did, and it wasn't close like George W Bush's controversial win, but it looked like a good fight. The win was called at about 4am our time, I did not stay up for it. The excitement and expectation puts me in mind of another election, when Tony Blair won in 1997, I did stay up and watch the votes come in that day.

John McCain comes out of this looking very good, far better than many of his supporters, gracious in defeat and just looking like a decent chap. In the final series of the West Wing, did the winner not offer the losing candidate (naming no character names, unless you're still watching it) a place in his cabinet? That's what Obama should do. Somewhere out of harm's way though, not in control of gun or abortion laws.

Hmm, nothing much to say about this really have I? Just thought I ought to mark it, it's momentous.

Good luck Mr Obama, you're going to need it to live up to the expectation of the people.


In other momentous news, Clare finally got a new phone, it's got GPS built in and motion detection and things, looks nice. I beat the credit crunch by finally changing my phone contract, I'm on a ten pounds a month deal now, instead of the twenty five that I've been needlessly paying for the last couple of years. I never use my phone anyway, but if I phone / text you less now, that's why.

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