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Oof, not feeling too clever today, went to the popbitch1 party yesterday at The Player in Soho2 (ooh, google maps3 has new features). Went for a couple of drinks in The Blue Posts4 right across the road before it too. That's the kind of thing I miss about London, the only thing, it's proper boozers like that. The party was good, nice to see some people, though we were on a super flying visit so didn't get to speak to everyone there that I knew. Saw Nick Beggs from KAJAGOOGOO's new band5. I think. We had a few cocktails and spoke to some people and stayed later than we intended, it was NICE! Watched an episode of LOST when we finally got home, and am a bit tired today. Couldn't sleep on the train for some reason, hope I can tonight...

Apple released the new IPOD then, and it can play video now, as expected. Good that they're not calling it something new, it's just an improved colour IPOD. Not sure how cool it'll be trying to watch content on a screen like that, they should have gone for making the whole thing a big touch screen like that mockup I posted before. So, not sure I should get one (even though my ipod is practicably worn out, I've had it for over two years, and the new one is slimmer, and has far better battery life, and, and, and...) I need to have a look around and try and do some clever video watching with my existing IPAQ. Maybe I can connect it to the IPOD, using it just as a hard drive to store TV shows?

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