Blog2011 ≫ US remake of The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

Saw an ad last night, Channel 4 are showing an american remake of Forbrydelsen aka The Killing. We have to watch it, at least the start of it, but if it's the same story as the original (that was on BBC 4) isn't that going to take away just a tiny bit of the suspense? It might be good, but they surely can't spin it out over quite as many episodes when everyone knows who-done-it... aha, only thirteen episodes. From Wikipedia:

Set in Seattle, Washington, the series follows the first 13 days of the police investigation into Rosie Larsen's murder. She was drowned in the trunk of a submerged car that belonged to the mayoral campaign of Darren Richmond. Detective Sarah Linden is assigned the case just before she is to relocate to Sonoma, California. She partners with a new detective Stephen Holder, and as the case becomes more complex, she continually puts off her relocation.

I wonder if they will replicate Lund (now Linden)'s jumpers. I see Lauren Laverne was wearing one just like it on the Glastonbury footage.

Got a load of TV to catch up on. I've watched all the Glastonbury I can manage which has freed up the sky plus a bit, and we're up to date with Luther and Camelot but we're still behind on a lot of other series. I think we have about forty episodes each of Mr Tumble, Mr Maker, and Peppa Pig for the boy now so I can surely stop recording those...

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