Blog2011 ≫ Good weekend at Mum and Dad's part the third

I planned to just stay in Port Solent, while Clare took the boy home, then shed come back and join me later. A pleasant hour or so sitting in the pub with a new book that I'd bought, sounded goo. But, because the only ale they had on was a bit crap and cold I went back too. Also because it wasn't such a nice day we decided not to head back to Port Solent at all. Couldn't quite scrape up the energy to go further afield, so we just popped down to The Seagull at the bottom of the road. Was a lot busier than the last time we went there, lots of young people, but no-one on the pool table. I still have it in me, I beat Clare, just. Then, excitement, a power cut, the pub and indeed the whole are pitched into darkness. They started asking people to leave, then the power came back on, but then the tills wouldn't work so they still closed. We tried to go in the petrol station shop on the way home, but the power cut had knocked them out too. So an earlyish night, though we sat up and watched some TV, drank the last of the vino and ate all the crisps when we got in. I say we, possibly that was just me.

Not such a bad drive home today, good time, back home to rain. Good for the garden anyway.

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