Blog2005 ≫ Nathan Barley

I thought it was OK, a bit dry, I hope it develops... Got it videoed as we were out, but then watched the repeat quite drunk on Saturday, so I might have missed some stuff. I recognised everyone I know in the show (ie the characters, they weren't actually extras or anything like the chaps from were) but not myself. Oh no.

The website is real, some backup material there so you can be more into this show than anyone else. It's not worth comparing it to the original material in TV Go Home (more here), though people will. Damn, so will I.... as this is a half hour show and they were just very short paragraphs of swearing, I think this is better in every way, though it might have seemed funnier if it'd been out a few years back, It's a lot like Attachments really, but more Chris Morris and less David Walliams.

💬 so

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