Blog ≫ 2003 ≫ Darkness single only 1.79

They coul hit top 40 and be on TOTP, how cool would that be?


[Get Your Hands Off My Woman]( Darkness) was released on Monday and has exceeded all expectations and encroached on the midweek top 40 of the Hit Parade, achieving position 36! Thanks to all those of you who have bought it already.

For those of you still intending to buy it, the end of the week is a time when children randomly purchase the cynical output of 'turns' like Will1 Gareth2, whilst the real 'artists' miss out. WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Let's have some decent music back in the charts. In HMV, the single is great value at only 1.79 - if you buy it before Sunday your purchase will contribute to our final chart position - it's in your hands - let's make it memorable!

💬 Def Leppard

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Thu Feb 27 2003

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