Blog2006 ≫ Joss Whedon: 'Buffy May Return' :: says1 that World Entertainment News Network says that Joss Whedon says that Buffy and Angel could be making a comeback, no specifics as to which characters would return or in what format... I think he's geed up by the relative success of Firefly on DVD2 after it got cancelled by the TV networks.

Speaking of which, last night we saw Serenity2 and it was good! All the same characters as the TV show, and while it does tell us (the audience who saw the TV show) some things we already know, it does this while showing us things we've not seen... so the flashback elements of it are not intrusive at all, hope it makes as much sense to someone who's not seen the TV show. The sound was amazing, and the visuals are improved from the show. Could be because this is the first one we've seen on the plasma instead of on the IPAQ though.

The story is great, covering all the bases of what we'd expect from a Firefly2 story (it's difficult to have anything to say without referencing the TV show), EXCEPT: DEATH! NO! What did they go and do that for??? It's not even the really annoying characters!

It upset us quite a lot.

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