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43 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20

Fiddling Lane, Brabourne, Kent, TN25 6AP 01303 812 182

Sandwich Road, Waldershare, Kent, CT15 5AU 01304 821630

241 Greenwich High Road, London SE10, UK

24-25, The Boardwalk, Portsmouth, PO6 4TP 01227 459550

11-14, The Boardwalk, Portsmouth, PO6 4TP 01303 267 912

Holt Street, Nonington, Kent, CT15 4HT

Canterbury Road, Kennington, Kent, TN25 4DZ

Cafe, Kengate Industrial Estate, 142 Dymchurch Road, Hythe, CT21 6LU

Harbour Arm, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent

Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen, 2 North Parade Passage, City Centre, BA1 1NX

45 Lever St, Manchester, Manchester M1 1DN, UK

Lunch in Tibits the next day Tibits is great, serve yourself from a very fancy vegan buffet, you pay for your food by... [Sun 18 February 2018]

Gig was good Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast was good. Three guests, in a chat show... [Wed 14 February 2018]

Dinner at Masala Zone We went to Masala Zone at 5pm, which is just at the end of their lunch menu and before their... [Wed 14 February 2018]

We got a rum punch We walked from the hotel to Carnaby Street to Rum Kitchen so Clare could get her Rum Punch... [Wed 14 February 2018]

We stayed at a Premier Inn Hub This was a great hotel for us, we got a room for 瞿47. The rooms are packed in to this hotel very... [Wed 14 February 2018]

I dragged Clare into The Harp She was looking for a Rum Punch or an Espresso Martini so we headed to a place that had good... [Wed 14 February 2018]

We had some vegan pasta for lunch We had an early and light lunch so we'd have room to fit everything in, some pasta in Coco di... [Wed 14 February 2018]

Awesome non-weekend weekend in London For Christmas Clare bought me tickets to Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (... [Wed 14 February 2018]

Last day of the holidays... Not actually holiday for me, I'm working, but last day for the boys. And it's raining, so they'll... [Mon 4 September 2017]

We made cakes For a cake sale at school. I'm in the PTA so you have to volunteer for stuff like this. They... [Fri 12 February 2016]

Vegetarian / vegan supper club at Follies 22nd March @crusteaten got in touch the next supper club is going to go vegan ! Well at least partly.... [Fri 30 January 2015]

Chilli Challenge We have another night out this weekend, the boys are both staying at Granny's so Clare and I are... [Wed 20 February 2013]

Nearly went to Googies today I like the idea of frugal 'til february , a nice cheap set menu from Chambers in Folkestone! [Sat 19 January 2013]

ew there are horse lips in my minced cow lips! Horse meat in Tesco burgers is a lot of fuss over nothing. Vegan FTW! [Wed 16 January 2013]

Nice christmas meal at The Compasses Inn, Crundale Had our christmas meal yesterday at the compasses inn , crundale . WHERE? Good grief, that... [Sat 15 December 2012]

New jazz bar and Restaurant opened at the Creative Quarter Hi FG, We have just opened a new Jazz Bar and Restaurant called Totally Jazz at 11-15 The Old... [Thu 4 October 2012]

Is it time to shut down the folkestone gerald? For one I don't get much time to update it any more, but for another CAMRA have launched their... [Tue 2 October 2012]

Great weekend, very productive Mum and Dad visiting for the weekend, we ate really well, got the garden sorted and the shed... [Mon 3 September 2012]

We went to some new pubs #1 The Black Horse Had a rare night out on Saturday, babysitter in, pregnant wife able to drive us anywhere so we... [Mon 6 August 2012]

Street party outside Chambers this weekend Hello everybody :-) This Sat we're taking part in the big celebrations going on around the top... [Thu 26 July 2012]

Coach and Horses goes vegan! Is that this one or the other one? Or another one still? I read it in the Independent today.... [Fri 1 June 2012]

Turkey 2012 - we flew with Thomas Cook Being the second part of my holiday roundup [Fri 18 May 2012]

240v relay for 2.29? Despite most of my little arduino projects so far failing for one reason or another I think... [Sun 8 April 2012]

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend Lots of real ale and cider and a quiz on the Sunday night too. Hope we can get a babysitter... [Sat 31 March 2012]

Two trips to the pub in just one day Yesterday was a rare one, went for a pub lunch at The Tiger with work, all paid for to... [Sat 29 October 2011]

In London for a conference I do not recommend the Premier Inn Stratford ... [Thu 6 October 2011]

RE: Also on the topic of Phoenix 1995 Hi Pauly hope you are very well, if you have chance to get in touch, it would be great to catch... [Sun 11 September 2011]

Also on the topic of Phoenix 1995 It was missing from my gigography but I remembered being there so did a bit of research and... [Sun 11 September 2011]

Where did my holiday go (part three)? Day two in Brighton and we were ready for a cooked breakfast. This is one of the things I'd... [Fri 19 August 2011]

Where did my holiday go (part two)? Friday morning we got up at a reasonable time to head to Brighton . Harry was staying with Mum... [Fri 19 August 2011]

Happy birthday us Clare's birthday today, and my birthday today too, happy birthday us. I am working, Clare and... [Wed 27 July 2011]

Beano's vegetarian cafe / restaurant! Only just heard of this on the twitter, there is a facebook page , I look forward to trying it... [Tue 12 July 2011]

The rest of our Folkestone Saturday (daytime) As well as the best vegeburger in town , we were in Folkestone on Saturday daytime too. It was... [Sun 26 June 2011]

Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday We had a nice meal, with nice wine, and by all accounts a nice desert. It's good to have a Thai... [Wed 27 April 2011]

Dinner party Good dinner last night, much wine, then up for the lambing day today... [Sun 3 April 2011]

Me too! [Thu 27 January 2011]

I agree [Thu 27 January 2011]

Oh yeah I implemented some cool new "speech bubble" type styling here too Well it looks like a nice speech bubble in my browser anyway... Got it from this post on... [Thu 27 January 2011]

Too much lunch Too much lunch choice rather, here in Exmouth Market today. Usually I have a mixed vege... [Thu 27 January 2011]

Work christmas party kind of spoiled by snow Probably just me! [Mon 20 December 2010]

Day two at FOWA 2010 I'm up early how about you? [Tue 5 October 2010]

Sneaky Pringles Nearly et some Pringles, they have VEGETARIAN and VEGAN on the tube fairly prominently. BUT,... [Mon 28 June 2010]

RE: Mikku powder I have the cookbook too, and Itame is also my favourite dish at Wagamamas. Tried to make it, and... [Tue 23 February 2010]

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel Good call @blogibiza brilliant film [Sun 21 February 2010]

Ate the seven bird vegan roast It was good, now I have to make another... [Wed 23 December 2009]

Seven bird roast, vegan style Pictures of my christmas dinner, possibly. [Tue 22 December 2009]

Happy half birthday the boy Where did that six months go? [Tue 8 December 2009]

Mi Dispiace! I slagged off the wrong Italian... [Tue 11 August 2009]

A hurried lunch at Brockhill Park Don't know what went wrong, but VERY SLOW service today [Fri 7 August 2009]

Thirty-seven! Belated happy birthday me, had a lovely day, cheers all [Mon 27 July 2009]

Is there not a Cafe Belge in Covent Garden? I've been to something like that there, long time ago now, 1996 or so! I am a vegan, but very... [Tue 19 May 2009]

Damn dirty carnivores Fox got into my nephews' chicken and duck enclosure and killed three birds, bah. Not that I... [Mon 18 May 2009]

A non slating comment about cafe belge i went to cafe belge canterbury with my parter in april and recieved a very good service i read... [Fri 15 May 2009]

Canterbury Wholefoods is great It's all vegetarian, with some vegan options. We had the christmas dinner there (just before, uh,... [Tue 17 March 2009]

RE: Saw a GREAT house at the weekend Karl's very posh ! What is Canterbury wholefoods like for food, I have never been in the eating... [Mon 16 March 2009]

Saw a GREAT house at the weekend Bah too small. Good weekend though. [Mon 16 March 2009]

Titanic property investment and an all vegan NHS Couple of interesting stories in the Guardian podcast today , first a seemingly obviously... [Mon 26 January 2009]

Had a great christmas dinner at Canterbury Wholefoods Booked into Canterbury Wholefoods for lunch on Saturday and very glad we did, had a brilliant... [Mon 22 December 2008]

Remember: Eurotunnel is not as good as you think it is going to be Had a nice weekend in Lille, marred on the way home by a Eurotunnel delay. We were meant to be on... [Tue 9 December 2008]

You could OF COURSE replace the soya mince and water with any disgusting offal of your choice... [Sun 23 November 2008]

RE: Clare's hotpot recipe You missed out that adding meat step. [Sun 23 November 2008]

Clare's hotpot recipe Making this for tea tonight, thought I would share the recipe with you... * Heat the oven to... [Fri 21 November 2008]

RE: Mikku powder Hi Mikku powder is MSG so won't really matter if you leave it out - just supposed to enhance... [Mon 30 June 2008]

Vegan skills at The Hermitage! New vegan option on the menu at The Hermitage, I will be down to check it out asap: Lunch... [Sun 15 June 2008]

Do not recycle from last night's Dio show Foo Fighters tour rider , quite amusing. I didn't even know there were nine vegans. [Sat 24 May 2008]

Vegan lasagne Who'd have thought you could make vegan lasagne? Went for a dinner party last night, very... [Sun 18 May 2008]

Day two in Key West The next morning, well rested we had a fuller investigate and scoot around the town, down to... [Sun 4 May 2008]

Maille Mustard Just the fact of me mentioning and linking to has shunted them to the top of the... [Sun 23 December 2007]

If a picture paints a thousand words... Does this video clip of us in Belgium this weekend make anything I have to say on the subject... [Wed 19 December 2007]

RE: I don't even know why I said it, a bit of Friday afternoon frivolity is all I did have plans for the weekend, mostly involving getting my hair cut and drinking (in that... [Tue 6 November 2007]

I don't even know why I said it, a bit of Friday afternoon frivolity is all Some of my best family are vegetarians, and I've been vegan for about fifteen years now, that's... [Fri 2 November 2007]

RE: vegetarians are scum! Blimey, there's no need for that sort of thing. Each to their own was what I was advocating. Or,... [Fri 2 November 2007]

vegetarians are scum! [Fri 2 November 2007]

RE: 10 myths about vegans Bah, more self-righteous chat from the Vegans."Oh, look at us, we are all kind to the animals as... [Fri 2 November 2007]

10 myths about vegans (who I once bought some shoes from) emailed me today to tell me it's world vegan... [Thu 1 November 2007]

A Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall advert I'm all for chicken out, chicken right out, right out of your diet. Just passing this on as... [Fri 12 October 2007]

Mikku powder Got the Wagamama cookbook yesterday, and am giving Yasai Itame a try today. It's a bit fiddly... [Mon 27 August 2007]

Update from Tony King / Creative Eclectic Hi Everyone Tony King here........I have started an entertainment initiative called CREATIVE... [Mon 13 August 2007]

There is another UK Skink doing the rounds This from a press release from January last year: LONDON: It needs a brave soul and a strong... [Wed 17 January 2007]

RE: Blood on the tracks first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer for this was - hey it's Skink! sounds like he's... [Wed 17 January 2007]

Blood on the tracks Watched "The Roadkill Chef" last night, billed by BBC Three as "Eccentric roadkill connoisseur... [Wed 17 January 2007]

Christmas telly Time for some christmas roundup type things, I really did have a great time during our extended... [Thu 4 January 2007]

RE: An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Tim's wine bar has now certainly changed! I dined there last week and I have to say that I could... [Thu 9 November 2006]

Not such a good start to the week Got the final three episodes of Lost series two ready to watch and I find my little computer... [Tue 30 May 2006]

All about vegans Giving this article from the Independent a plug here because a) I'm a vegan and b) there's a... [Wed 15 March 2006]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar We recently visited your restaurant for the first time and was amazed at the quality and... [Sun 6 November 2005]

The Bufftings take London (again) Folkestone's own The Bufftings play Kings Cross Water Rats tomorrow (Saturday 5th November),... [Fri 4 November 2005]

Vegans? In Folkestone? Whatever next! Vegan Willy Wonka Launches new chocolate World Vegan Day ... I'm a vegan you know, it's great. [Fri 14 October 2005]

RE: Not a very relaxing weekend then i expect you to put in a bit of practise for my next visit, beating you was way too easy... [Mon 26 September 2005]

Not a very relaxing weekend then Friday we had long lost flatmate Emma visiting, and we played darts and drank booze - don't... [Mon 26 September 2005]

Millenium vegan restaurant In the Savoy Hotel (between Taylor and Jones streets, Union Square [Tue 30 August 2005]

Beer festival Is there one this weekend? Beer in the evening has nothing, and Chambers seems to be quite in... [Thu 25 August 2005]

Bad experience aswell We stopped off at The Ship Inn, Dymchurch on our way home from a lovely dayout and we had our two... [Fri 12 August 2005]

Looking forward to it It's being videoed, maybe I will watch it today. Maybe I'll make you watch it again. [Thu 11 August 2005]

Thanks mate! [Thu 11 August 2005]

Mine's a large one No whiskey depth charges for you in Chambers [Wed 10 August 2005]

Lost Just watched the first half of that Lost pilot and seems GREAT so far. Air crashes really freak... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Just wanted to jump on and wish you all the best for the big day! I've sure you'll look lovely in white.......

Just wanted to jump on and wish you all the best for the big day! I've sure you'll look lovely in... [Wed 10 August 2005]

My last working day as a single man Snoozed all the way in today, though couldn't get properly comfortable. Started reading Dublin... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Neroli gig Hi there, Please could you post details of our next gig on your site, details as follows: Band:... [Mon 11 July 2005]

Folkestone Pubs Ah never mind other sites, check out my very own list of Folkstone pubs , or search by criteria... [Mon 27 June 2005]

So The Quarter is gone then Not the actual creative quarter , just the free magazine , according to a story in this week's... [Fri 17 June 2005]

gig info - please add to listings Hi there, Please could you add our gig info to your listings on the website as follows: band:... [Wed 8 June 2005]

Popscene Popscene is San Francisco 's premier weekly indie dance club, got to check... [Fri 22 April 2005]

oh cleva pauly anyway, i also meant to add that there is a monthly food mag you can collect from hotels and the... [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar My wife and I are regular visitors, only because the service, food and welcome is excellent. Peter [Wed 20 April 2005]

You don't need to be, just paste it in See, that all works nicely... Cheers for those btw! [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: More San Francisco tips Here is a list of veggie places in the SF/Bay area..... if I can remember the name of the... [Wed 20 April 2005]

More San Francisco tips first of all, are you staying at the W Hotel? If not, it is next to Moscone and the bar in there... [Tue 19 April 2005]

California recommendations Got some emailed recommendations here, and some more to add later, it's OK to post them up here... [Tue 19 April 2005]

Mildreds Haven't had a restaurant review here in a while, so instead I will plug where I am going tonight... [Wed 30 March 2005]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival Chambers in assocation with The Ship Inn present their Easter Ales festival this weekend!... [Wed 23 March 2005]

Food & Smoking in Italy I am afraid those tourists who only find Pasta or Pizza in Italy are walking into the easy... [Sun 20 March 2005]

Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? They thought we were americans actually, which I was most offended by. considering I will be... [Tue 25 January 2005]

Sounds like SF is going to be great for eating We've decided on a tour of San Francisco, LA, Monterrey and (I think) Santa Barbara. Should be... [Mon 24 January 2005]

"Florence was OK, they had a Mr Kebab" Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? [Mon 24 January 2005]

you wanna avoid italy then giday just returned from our xmas vacation in europe whic involved a stay in italy, and a long... [Mon 24 January 2005]

We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we even got a free bottle of wine by rea...
We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to... [Sun 23 January 2005]

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine isn't just for protesters anymore So says ... we've picked our honeymoon now, and it will involve a stop in San... [Sun 23 January 2005]

La Vue Popped into La Vue thought it was very good, liked the decor and will certainly be returning.... [Sat 22 January 2005]

Timothys wine bar Timothys may have had some teething problems, but is now one of the best venues in Folkestone. I... [Sun 9 January 2005]

St Pancras to open in 2007 According to this Article in The Times ... The three additional platforms to the east are... [Tue 4 January 2005]

DJ BC presents The Beastles dj BC presents The Beastles , more mashups... I'm guessing these won't stay up long, I heard the... [Wed 22 December 2004]

Christmas day's the next quiz Don't be rubbing it in about your enormous mansion, we have traded in rented flats in the London... [Thu 16 December 2004]

Good to see there's some civilisation in Folkestone Here I was thinking that everyone between the ages of 16 and 60 had left town in a hurry... I... [Thu 16 December 2004]

Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought Having a scan of for Folkestone property , and found only one property -... [Thu 16 December 2004]

She's a vegan You've got to watch them... [Tue 14 December 2004]

chrissie hynde I was stood next to her last night whilst watching the features support kings of leon at brixton... [Tue 14 December 2004]

After L_______'s comments I am afeared of stalkers on here. I will credit your full name and address if you like! PS HOW... [Thu 9 December 2004]

someone?! someone, someone?!!! Is that all I am to you?! [Thu 9 December 2004]

Manic Tuesday Had a long weekend in Folkestone, but I have returned to chaos... ,... [Tue 7 December 2004]

Chambers Quiz What was that all about then? There was no quiz at Chambers in December, as they're saving it... [Tue 7 December 2004]

New Restaurant Nice to see some refreshing reviews of Folkestone restaurants. Can I please point you the way of... [Mon 29 November 2004]

Folkestone Pubs Beer in the Evening have made some changes to their site, you can search for a pub by all sorts... [Fri 19 November 2004]

I think I'm getting the hang of this! I think I'm getting the hang of this! [Tue 9 November 2004]

That's the one good lad... [Tue 9 November 2004]

the name box? like this - or am I missing something? [Tue 9 November 2004]

Dom? Dean? Why does no-one put their name in the name box? Just updated the layout of this page, to move... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Pauly we have you to thank for the 100 in getting the tie breaker question right and it had nothing to do with MUSIC!!!!!! ... [Mon 8 November 2004]

Did someone mention a quiz? Yes, we won the Chambers Quiz , the "Uptown Architects" came through. We were assuming they'd... [Mon 8 November 2004]

Fawkenham Sounds like very North Kent to me, but I don't know. Heard from a journo that it was confirmed to... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Re Rail Confusion and the curse of me The BBC article mentions a high speed link between Folkestone and Fawkenham. Where IS Fawkenham?... [Fri 8 October 2004]

it could have been Monkey Dust! it could have been Monkey Dust! [Thu 9 September 2004]

Monkey Caravans "That show you wanted to watch is on, what's it called, Monkey Caravans ?" So, I found... [Wed 8 September 2004]

I had a night at Gossips a few weeks back - it's stunningly grotty, isn't it? I had a night at Gossips a few weeks back - it's stunningly grotty, isn't it? [Mon 6 September 2004]

73 RIP PR time was in full effect friday night, so we ended up missing the Fighting Cocks , sorry... [Sun 5 September 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival There's another beer festival at Chambers over the bank holiday weekend, ace! The last one in... [Sun 22 August 2004]

Defending The Ship! Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the Ship. I've eaten there many many times and had... [Mon 9 August 2004]

Folkestone WiFi Hotspots It says here that the Wetherspoons is a Folkestone wireless hotspot , the only public one... [Thu 5 August 2004]

Chambers Quiz There's no Chambers quiz for the next two months, it's back in October... Can't wait? Us... [Sun 18 July 2004]

Did you go with Gary? "Gary Hawkins" who also posted spontaneous praise below? [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Hi everyone. I have just visited an interesting little place in folkestone called Timothy's wine... [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar I have visited Timothy's Wine Bar twice now on my journeys through Folkestone and now will make a... [Fri 25 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Thanks for the comprehensive review of Timothy's Wine Bar. I found the review from a google... [Thu 24 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gaby - where are you mate ? Got no answer ? C'mon, we could work together. Twatter. I should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gary - the review was not unfair. You were not at our table and didn't receive the service we... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Thanks for your feedback It's good to have a balanced viewpoint. I like how you deliberately made mistakes yourself there,... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Can i just first of all the review that you gave Timothy's is very unfair and that you should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar ... [Tue 8 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Last time I looked there were at least a couple of restaurants in London. So, unless you want to... [Mon 7 June 2004]

if a glass of sangria is 25 quid you certainly won't see me there! [Mon 7 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Reading your article has offended me, but you should know that if you publish facts you should be... [Sat 5 June 2004]

storage for the ipod if you want somewhere to store tunes you could get a removeable drive as well... [Fri 21 May 2004]

DayPop Just checking , and while wondering what all these mentions of hot abercrombie chick are all... [Mon 19 April 2004]

The Ship Had a dreadful dinner at a pub on the way to Dungeness , The Ship in Romney Marsh . It wasn't... [Wed 14 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival The Chambers "Easter Ales" Beer Festival was a raging success, from the first day to the... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Folkestone beer festival Beer festival was ACE! Done nearly half of all the beers on sale. [Sat 10 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Well, Dahling "Pauly" is trying to get blood out of a stonewall. His ~ preziosa energia~ would... [Sun 4 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Bah, rubbish. Pauly just wants a nice flat, the way HE wants it. He also feels it was presented... [Sat 3 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Just mental masturbations, mon cher ' Pauly' . That's all. I understand this is THERAPY for you... [Sat 3 April 2004]

Carpetted Things were shit yesterday, I met with some of the other freeholders, they were mostly nice, but... [Fri 2 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival Folkestone's finest boozatorium, The Chambers is holding an "Easter Ales Festival" over the... [Mon 29 March 2004]

An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Our matriarchal representative wrote a pretty fierce letter to Timothy's (possibly as stern as... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Memepool Fifty grand's worth of comic here , all scanned in, thanks to for that link,... [Sat 27 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Oh. Full review now up at Folkestone RestauRANTS . [Tue 16 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Folkestone is in danger of becoming a culinary wasteland. Sure, it has the usual collection of... [Tue 16 March 2004]

RE: Rail confusion and the curse of me Yes, there is a new railway line cutting through kent. It's the high speed channel tunnel rail... [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Hi mate, got the folks down this weekend and I've been showing them the web - can't believe mate... [Fri 13 February 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Timothy's Wine Bar must be open now, and they have a website, ... the... [Fri 13 February 2004]

RE: Rail confusion and the curse of me it's the tunnel between Higham and Strood on the North Kent line out to Gillingham that's... [Tue 20 January 2004]

Rail confusion and the curse of me Doing a bit more research into this rail lark, following a report from Ma and Pa today that a... [Mon 19 January 2004]

Neal's Yard Salad Bar Went to Covent Garden in the end, and got the rest of the shopping sorted, and got some nice hot... [Mon 15 December 2003]

Bluewater + Drinking Going to Bluewater today (definitely not Lakeside , ever again) and also meeting Richy for... [Sun 14 December 2003]

Canterbury Wholefoods Just remembered we went to Canterbury on Saturday, and ate at Canterbury Wholefoods , a veggie /... [Wed 8 October 2003]

New albums Excitingly got some new albums too, including one from chum MJ Hibbett and the new Super Furry... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Folkestone weekender At last, a blog entry that is not just a handy way for me to keep track of what I've been up to... [Sun 6 July 2003]

The Quarter I picked up a magazine called The Quarter , which is a kind of fanzine for the creative... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Fig Cafe The cafe that was the highlight of my weekend is called Fig , and is in the Metropole Hotel... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Bahia De Alcudia "Guten Tag" as they say in Majorca ... weather is fine, though we had one day of rain, food is... [Sun 8 June 2003]

Happy National Vegan Day! Tofu munching greetings all round... [Wed 1 November 2000]

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