Blog2005 ≫ Signal failure?

Signal problems? Some such excuse for our train being late in today, ah well. Charing Cross was CRAWLING with police too, I wonder if there'd been a tip off about something. Apart from that London feels a bit quieter today, maybe it's the fog.

Hmm, lots of bad reviews here1 of Mildreds, where some friends and I are thinking of going for a christmas meal... More reviews here2... lots of people seem to have an issue with it since it moved premises, we've only been to the Lexington Street place anyway. Hopefully it's just a lot of fussy old women who aren't pleased the place has expanded. The service wasn't all that I don't think though, and my burger was only OK last time I went, but it's a treat to have so much vegan choice anyway.

LOVED Lost last night, though it's hard to talk to anyone about it - everyone I know is at different stages, we're still "live" with the Channel 4 episodes, so still, no spoilers please. And ooh, RAR, Halifax reports a pick up in house prices3...

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