Blog2011 ≫ Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Five Bells

Not part of our Saturday night crawl, but lunch this time, at the Five Bells in Braborne Lees. It's a lovely pub in a lovely spot, we booked in for dinner. Not masses of vegan choice, but they do their own pizzas in there so I had one of those, and mum went for the roast dinner but without the meat. Dad had duck and everyone else had roast beef, including the boy. They don't do a kids menu but they will do a half sized portion of anything. We ordered the boy's first as we thought he'd get cranky, though actually he was brilliantly behaved all day. Then we had to wait AN HOUR AND A HALF for our food. We had booked, so I'm not sure why they weren't better prepared It was busy, but not as busy as when we'd called in the week before. The food was lovely (though the roast was too rare for some of our party). They got my pizza wrong, but brought me another one fairly quickly. The bill came to less than I thought it might as it's such a nice place.

The wait would not put me off going again I don't think. After dinner they had live folk music out in the garden, and we took a walk round Braborne itself. The church there is amazing, probably dating from the year 800 or so, though no-one can be sure. It's mentioned in the Domesday Book but is probably a lot older than that. It's a spectacular looking thing anyway.

Dad has a new camera, it is great. I took some pictures of the church, but didn't transfer them off in time. I did take some pictures, and it made me want this camera. Now I'm looking for one the same, but ideally with GPS built in, any ideas?

Here's a lovely picture of the boy:

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