Fun weekend, but no more Inn Doors for two weeks

Fun weekend, but no more Inn Doors for two weeks

I picked the boys up after parkrun on Saturday and we headed into town. We were after plain paper pads for drawing on, specifically doing flick-book animations. No joy though. We got sandwiches for lunch, I had the vegan in Subway for the first time, not bad.

We browsed around town buying unhealthy snacks for later in the day, it's terrible shopping with those boys though. I did manage to say "no" at least twice though, once to buying the new Beano, as we'd just found a Beano annual they didn't have for £1 in a charity shop. Then another no for buying more of those treehouse books even though they were dead cheap in the supermarket, because we'd found some Dinosaur Cove books for 50p each too.

Also I picked up The Walking Dead for £2. It's not actually much less than the price of buying it new, but I've been looking for it at boot fairs for ages. Always fancied watching it (though Clare does not). I watched three of them while she was out at drinks seeing her niece off to uni.

I'm sure I wrote a lot of this over the weekend, did I? Where did it go?

Yesterday while thing one did some Kent Test practice, thing two and I went out for a bike ride. Then on to Orchard Lane, and then to the Inn Doors where thing one and Clare came to meet us. They were running down the cellar in preparation for a holiday today (it's going to be closed for two weeks!) so it was £2.50 a pint, nice.

Hoofing it down with rain this morning, actually had to wear coats to do the school run today.

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Mon Sep 09 2019

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