Blog2018 ≫ Bonus day off

Decided to take the day off today, so as not to have to rush with the school pick ups, and to be able to take them to gymnastics. Not sure what time thing one is back from his trip, it should be 3.30ish so we might be hanging around.

I've walked to Hythe and back so far, a good amount of exercise in itself but might try a run now too before lunch. While in Hythe I got my hair cut and picked up some dollars ready for New York, dropped a load of stuff off at a charity shop, and bought a couple of books. And on the way I popped into the school as I remembered they are on a recycling drive, recycling pens, and luckily we had a huge bag of felt tips and so on ready to chuck out. This feels like quite a productive day already and it's still early.

Waitrose have a beer festival on, some unusual ones that looked good. I got an Italian "doppio malto" and would have bought more if I wasn't walking. There was an interesting looking "Fullers and friends" box of special brews. Maybe I'll go back with the car.

I actually did three supermarkets already today as I went to Aldi for the knock off Nespresso pods, and Iceland for the special deal on spaghetti, pizzas, and tried another new No Bull vegan dish, a paelle ready meal this time.

This afternoon before school pick ups I'm going to mow the lawn, and not just sit on my butt, oh no.

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