PopEx ≫ 1999 ≫ Her out of Catatonia even MADDER shock.

The fact that 98.7% of farmers are inbred, right wing, Tory voting, peasant kicking, fox hunting, badger baiting, whinging GITS hasn't stopped Her out of Catatonia making a pop music video in their support. 'It's absurd that you can buy a calf for £2 - and that's a great price' said the Man Utd fan from Wales, complaining that the BSE crisis had nacked farmers. Yeah, and if they'd not spent all the money the EC and OUR TAXES subsidised them on gold tractors and diamond combines AND maybe thought that feeding their cows (vegetarian animals) the diseased spinal chords and brains of dead sheep, and chicken poo, was a BAD idea, and mucked up their fields with pesticides, and inbred animals so much they unrecognisable from the original species maybe, just MAYBE, they wouldn't be in trouble now.




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This content originally from my very popular (in the late nineties) site popex.com. Some of this contributed by valued punters, but mainly originally created by me. I shifted this content here when the website finally closed down at the start of the noughties. Hope this brings back memories (if you find it).